More on prices

As any translator will tell you, the price of a translation job depends on several factors such as the technical complexity, the quality of the writing style in the source text but other elements are also factored in. Is it an urgent job? Are there features that make the job stand out as unusual? How long is the project?

That's why you won't ever see a professional translator display fixed price tags. Having both terms, i.e. "professional translator" and "price tag" in the same sentence is a preposterous act that instantly turns the sentence into an oxymoron, even when it doesn't actually qualify as one.

However, there is always a minimal threshold when the job isn't worthwhile for the translator. There is also a ceiling value that I think is no longer reasonable for a translation job. When either case presents itself, I'll turn down the job offer and let you know why. Of course, the actual price can only be known when the job is done. For a quotation, see my contact page; you'll get a planned delivery date, an estimate for the final price and a subjective scoring of your project on scales that I use to compute the estimate. For typical rates, see my portfolio.


I use a system that I have specifically chosen and configured in order to maximize a few objective metrics for my clients – safety, security and efficiency. My aim in selecting the elements of this computer system is to protect my work and your projects from data losses, intrusions, delays and other unwanted outcomes that more precautions could have helped curb.